Roasted Salmon without a Recipe

I made this roasted salmon a couple weeks ago and misplaced the recipe I wrote down. While I was a little bummed a few minutes ago, I realized that I'd just have to turn this blog post into a salmon recipe....without a recipe!

The perfect thing about this blog post's spin is that when I chose my protein for the night, the ingredients weren't pre-planned. We had some leftover spring onions and lemons in the fridge, garlic in the pantry, and tarragon growing like a bush in our Fall garden. The cooking method came to me quickly and easily when I opened up the refrigerator and started fishing for ingredients. Maybe losing my chicken-scratch recipe was meant to be so I could share some quick and easy no-recipe strategies with you.

So what's my first tip for salmon without a recipe? Make it on a Friday when you have some leftover produce in your fridge and pantry! It's a delicious protein that pairs with just about any flavors - sweet, savory, acidic, spicy, or even salty. I especially love salmon with leftover greens. 

Second tip: Pre-heat your oven to 450F and lightly brush a foil-lined baking sheet with olive oil (I tried not rhyming here, but it was difficult!). Meanwhile, locate your produce and cut into any size you desire. If you think your ingredients will take a little longer than 10 minutes in the oven, you might want to sauté them first in a little bit of oil until tender.

Third tip: Brush your salmon and produce with olive oil and/or a condiment (or two) of choice like mustard, honey, BBQ sauce, or an Asian sauce like Hoisin or Oyster Sauce. Season your produce to taste and scatter over the salmon.

Final tips: Cook the salmon until your vegetables are tender and the internal temperature of the salmon reaches 145F, about 10-15 minutes.

Easy enough? Yep, think I might make this again tonight after a long week!