The Diet Assassinista Philosophy


The world of health and nutrition is full of myths and contradictions. Many of us have been down that all too familiar road where we were convinced that we found the answer to all of our problems: an exciting new diet, THE one we’ve been waiting for that promises to solve everything from our health to weight concerns. Let’s face it: the results either never lasted or never happened. Diets provide temporary results at best.

So if diets are not an effective tool, where should you even begin on your health and nutrition journey?? Instead of dieting, you will be much more successful by incorporating healthy lifestyle habits into your everyday routine. By following The Diet Assassanista Philosophy, you will be on a fast-track to completing your mission to achieve a better you. Get ready to say “Sayonara!” to dieting for the rest of your life!



Here’s how we’ll assassinate the diet together:



Eat a variety of delicious nutrient-dense foods.

Diets tend to offer too few calories by restricting specific food groups, which leave you undernourished and unsatisfied. Who wants to feel hungry and angry all the time?! It make perfect sense that no one sticks to diets for very long. Together, we’ll create nutritious meals that are colorful and tasty with unique flavors and spices that excite your palate. If you’re a picky eater, we’ll start slow. Over time, you will start to crave nutrient-dense foods that will make you look and feel amazing.

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Be mindful.

Every time you eat, think for a moment about the food you’re putting into your body and all the good things they’re doing for you. These mindful moments will prevent you from adding unnecessary portions to your plate and help you get in touch with what you really need to nourish your body.



No Restrictions.

Yup, you read that right. Don’t restrict any food group or even your favorite junk food that you love! Keeping moderation in mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to dive into your favorite guilty pleasure on occasion. Just be mindful to not overindulge. The trick here is to not stock your kitchen with any unnecessary temptations. Easy!



Ultimately, your diet is up to you. Your life is unique, from your own biology to your family dynamics, work schedule, and food preferences. Explore your healthiest you without limits, on your own terms.
Doesn’t that sound great?


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