Sweet Peach Smoothie with Numo Bone Broth


Are you hooked on Numo Bone Broth yet?! If not, you should be because it’s not only healthy, but it’s more versatile than you think.

One great way to use Numo Bone Broth in summer is to add it to your smoothie. Yep, you heard that right! The pairing of fruit and honey with a little bit of bone broth is not only delicious, but it also adds collagen, amino acids, and minerals that are keep you skin, joints, and gut healthy!

The next time you have a little bone broth leftover from dinner night, be sure to use up the remainder in a smoothie! Or better yet, why not just order an extra Numo Bone Broth Kit and make a big batch this summer, freezing the broth in individual 1 or 2 cup vacuum sealed bags?

There’s no better way to get in your fruit and bone broth at the same time!

Sweet Peach Smoothie with Numo Bone Broth

Time: 5 Minutes
Yield: 2 (12 oz) servings

1 cup chilled Numo Chicken Bone Broth
1 medium yellow peach, sliced
1/3 cup strawberries, sliced
1 large kiwi, sliced
1 tbsp honey
2 cups ice

Add all ingredients to a blender. Cover and blend on high until ver smooth. Divide between two glasses and garnish with additional honey and sliced strawberries and if desired. 

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