Liovi, a Probiotic Drink for a Happy Belly!

Breakfast, Diet Assassinista-Style! This avocado toast and poached egg + my favorite drinkable probiotic yogurt + fruit = the best breakfast ever! 

I am borderline obsessed with Liovi, an incredibly delicious probiotic that may promote a healthy intestinal balance by neutralizing certain toxins and preventing certain bacteria from sticking to cell walls. In much simpler terms, Liovi promotes a happy belly! Isn’t that something we all want? 

As a dietitian, Liovi is a product that I can put my full support behind after reading the available scientific literature. I recommend that you do some research on the benefits of probiotics for yourself, especially this B-30892 strain, and order a box from their website! Brian, Liovi’s CEO, is such a firm believer in his product that he drove from the opposite end of the Bay Area to drop off several free samples with me with the hope that I would share it with you. 

Let me tell you, I am so thrilled that Brian reached out to me. It was not only tons of fun to nerd out with him for an afternoon about the potential benefits of probiotics, but I’m so happy to be empowered with more information on this topic than ever. I’m looking forward to sharing Liovi with all of my patients, clients, friends, and family members, an even my cat Zoe, who appears below, because she’s allowed to have a treat every now and then too!